Birthday Card Organization

Stampin’ Up! Training Manager, Shannon West, personally sent out over 2,000 birthday cards last year—wow!  She had to be super organized to keep track of all those birthdays. And she is, plus she is leading a personal campaign to bring back birthday cards with personal handmade birthday wishes.  Definitely a “note” worthy cause!

While your birthday card ambitions might not be that grand, now is a great time to get your 2017 birthday list together, devise a plan to send cards to everyone on it and be a part of Shannon’s campaign.   The new Occasions catalog has lots of great stamp sets, bundles and product suites to choose from. And, please don’t forget the annual catalog.  It has 15 pages packed full of birthday themed products plus fabulous ideas for using those products!


With my family and friends, I personally make about 125 birthday cards a year.  While I know many people are electronically keeping track of important dates using the calendar app on their cellphone, it is just easier for me to work with paper and pencil – using a perpetual birthday calendar (retired from Stampin Up) with all important birthdays, anniversaries and holidays marked. While it is so low tech that it classifies as “no-tech”, the simplicity works for me!

Since I often travel for my day job, I make batches of cards and stage the finished cards where I can physically see them everyday – the dinning room table since I adjust the thermostat each morning and again each night which is located in the dinning room.  I keep a cheat sheet with a list of upcoming birthdays for a quick reference.  And, my family is well-trained.   When they see cards and a pen sitting on the breakfast bar – they know that need to take 30 seconds to sign the card before they do anything else!  LOL!

I purchased three napkin holders from the Dollar Store – one holds the male birthday cards and envelopes, the other holds the female birthday cards and envelopes, and the third one holds postage stamps, return address labels, plus any anniversary cards or seasonal cards that I may be sending out.  Nothing fancy, but it works!  (And, I use a similar system at work – one napkin holder and a cheat sheet for my co-worker’s birthdays.)

Previously, I used one of those crafting shoe boxes but it was too big.  The cards would fall over and slide around.  While I could have purchased a more expensive file folder system at an office supply place, the napkin holders are inexpensive and they can hold any size card without bending the corners or warping the sides of the cards.

So that’s my birthday card organization method.  What works for you?

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Until next time, happy crafting!







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