Want Squeaky Clean Stamps & Fingers?

Try The Absorber!  I first learned about this amazing product from Amanda Fowler at InspiringInkin.comI was intrigued by her 10-minute video which showed how well The Absorber worked on cleaning all kinds of stamps:  clear-mount, wood-mount and photopolymer stamps. Best yet, the Absorber is re-useable and will not transfer the wiped ink back to your hands. It cleans your stamps with just water, so nothing harmful will come in contact with your stamps.


Needless to say, I had to try it and … I loved it!  While I still use my Stampin Scrub to clean and condition my stamps, the Absorber is very convenient for wiping ink smudges off your acrylic blocks, your MISTI, your hands or your crafting table!  It is lint-free, so it is really wonderful for cleaning and drying your photopolymer stamps so they won’t lose their cling quality.

The Absorber is a synthetic cloth that stays damp when stored.  After a busy day of crafting, it may dry out sitting on your craft table.  Simply wet it under the sink faucet and squeeze out the extra water, and it is ready to use again!

Heeding Amanda’s warning to not waste my money on other similar products, I ordered The Absorber from Amazon because my local Wal-Mart did not carry it.  The cloth measures 27”x17”, which I easily trimmed into eight handy-sized pieces (about 7”x 8” each).  One piece is ready to use and is stored in a small plastic container on my desk.  The other seven pieces are stored in the original plastic tube for future use during a workshop.

I would certainly recommend The Absorber for your craft room.  It is so convenient and it eliminates the waste of baby wipes.  If you try it, leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!

For February orders, please use Hostess Code:  PUYMV63Y

Until next time, happy crafting!


P.S.  A big thank you to Amanda Fowler at InspiringInkin.com for graciously allowing me to post her wonderful video!  


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