Practical Tip: Color Code Your Glue Dots

We’ve all got them – glue dots – super sticky, instant dots of adhesive.  They are very handy because they require absolutely no drying time.  Glue dots come on identical cardboard rolls, but in various sizes – small, medium and larger.  This makes it quick and easy to attach anything from tiny sequins, small bows and even larger 3-D items.

But when you have two or three rolls of glue dots sitting on your craft desk, can you tell which size is which?  This drives me nuts – not that that’s a long trip – but inevitably, I grab the wrong roll at the least opportune time.

A while back, I saw a brilliant blog post from another demonstrator – I wish I could remember who – with this practical solution.  Using some pieces of ribbon – in various colors and widths – I color coded my rolls.  Now, when I want a small glue dot, I grab the roll with the thin red ribbon.  If I want the larger 1/2 inch glue dot, then I grab the roll with a wider green ribbon.  You get the idea!  This is such a simple and elegant solution!

I hope your find this tip helpful.  If you know the original poster of this brilliant idea, I hope you’ll let me know.  While copying and case-ing are a high form of praise, I always wish to give credit when credit is due.

Until next time, happy crafting!





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