More Tips for Using Watercolor Pencils


I have been having a ton of fun playing with my watercolor pencils.  Here some more tips that I have learned:

  1. Lay down color using the side of the pencil, this will spread the color pigment on top of the paper making it easier to blend.  (Note:  Using the sharp tip of the pencil point may scratch the paper surface and leave a harsh line.)
  2. When using colored pencils, color your image with dry pencils starting with lighter colors first, blending, shading, and working towards the darker colors.
  3. It is more effective to apply several light layers of a color, adding more layers until the desired intensity is reached, rather than one very heavy application.
  4. Erase stray marks using an art eraser, if the paper and pigment are dry.  If either the paper or pigment is wet, it is best to use water and blot away the stray marks with a paper towel.
  5. Blend colors with a paint brush and water for a softer, more muted look.  Dampen a paintbrush with water and paint over colored areas with water.
    • A barely damp brush gives brighter color, with pencil lines showing.
    • Adding more water will blend the colors more smoothly.
    • The more water you add the less intense your colors will be.  (Note:  adding too much water will cause the colors to run together and the paper to buckle.)
  6. For more control, blend colors use either an aqua painter or blender pen in order to retain color intensity and to minimize the potential for paper buckling from being over-moistened.
  7. Create your own palette by rubbing the side of the pencil tip and building up color on a scrap piece of water color paper.  Use a damp brush, aqua painter or blender pen to pick up pigment and add to your stamped image.
  8. For bright bold colors, take the pigment directly from your pencil tip. Dip your paint brush in water and press the brush to the tip of the pencil. This will give you undiluted pigment for strong colors.
  9. A thick opaque look can be achieved by dipping the pencil tip in water and applying the color wet.

Until next time, happy crafting!


P.S.  Please remember to sign up for my monthly stamp camps (the second Saturday of the month).  During each stamp camp, we will make 4 projects and then you’ll be able to send folded hugs in the mail to the special people in your life.



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