Natural Lighting in the Craft Room

Lighting is so important in the craft room for matching colors, reducing shadows and eliminating dark areas, measuring correctly, and of course reducing eye strain.  Our eyes see better and are more comfortable in natural daylight.  Unfortunately our craft rooms are indoors and we often make do with artificial lighting. 

In the past, I had limited success with fluorescent lights, floor lamps and halogen lights.  The fluorescent fixture gave harsh, bright light that flickered, plus the fluorescent bulb hummed and drove me crazy!  The floor lamps are great for reflecting light up and around the room, but provided poor task lighting.  The halogen lights cast a yellowish hue and radiate a lot of heat, making my craft room very uncomfortable.  And, since the halogen lights were mounted under a shelf, I had to be careful of what craft supplies were stored on that shelf.  The other big disadvantage of halogen light was that the light bulbs have a short life and are expensive to replace. 

Next I purchased my OTT lite.  I love it for task lighting, but needed two lights on my desk to eliminate the shadows.   So, I made due… with a combination of halogen under the shelf and two OTT lights on my desk … for years!  

Earlier this summer, I started researching LED lights, specifically a low-profile, under the cabinet lighting style for my craft room.  LED lights are cool to the touch, use less energy and come in various colors, including natural daylight.  LED lights have the advantage of being linkable, with the ability to link up to 10 fixtures if you had a really large craft studio (these would be fantastic in the kitchen, too!). 

I got really excited when I found this 47” LED light strip that stretches completely across my workspace for optimal task lighting!  This light strip produces a natural daylight of 5000K, 18 watts (just like the OTT Lites which I love).  Without hesitation, I purchased it online for about $75 and anxiously awaited shipment. 

It arrived two days later and was super easy to install!  It took about 5 minutes!  I used a screwdriver to install the two mounting brackets under my shelf and the light fixture snapped into place! 

I’ve been using this light for several months and enthusiastically recommend it as my single best investment for my craft room.  I purchased it from and this fixture comes in 13”, 23.8”, 35” and 47” lengths.  If you need more, you can purchase linkable cables in 6”, 12”, 18” and 24” lengths.  If you want good task lighting get the 5000K (not the 3000K).

LED Linkable Under Cabinet 47″, Natural Day Light (5000K), 18 w (#LEDLUD4750)

 Until next time, happy crafting!



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