Tip: How to Clean Your Ink Pad

The other day, I was busy crafting.  My desk top was messy with the cardstock, stamps and open ink pads.  I was having fun.  And, then it happened.  The unthinkable!  

I accidentally stamped the wrong stamp on a light-colored ink pad and contaminated my ink pad with a darker-colored ink.  Yikes!  

So on the off-chance that this should happen to you, here are some steps to clean your ink pad and remove the contaminated ink.

  1. First, stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath and relax.  It is going to be okay!
  2. Act quickly.
  3. Simply use a couple of baby wipes to “lightly tap” and “blot away” the wrong color ink. A light touch is necessary to remove the wrong ink off the surface of the ink pad.  If you press too hard, you may actually be pressing the wrong ink deeper into your ink pad and spreading the contamination.
  4. As you clean your stamp pad, the cleaned area will look noticeably lighter in color than the rest of the ink pad.  
  5. Next, re-ink your ink pad using the appropriate re-inker.  Simply apply some ink to the surface of the ink pad, especially on the cleaned area
  6. Use a plastic spoon to smooth the new ink into the ink pad.  This smoothing motion is sort of like icing a cake.  You can actually see the ink move and change the color of the ink pad as it is spread evenly in the pad.
  7. Now, you can pat yourself on the back!  And, get busy stamping again

Note:  if you accidentally add too much ink, gently blot the excess ink away with a sheet of computer paper until your ink pad is less juicy.

Until next time, happy crafting!




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