Card Making – Random Acts of Kindness

I have mixed feelings about social media posts.  It is wonderful for keeping up with friends and family.  The photographs of the crazy antics of kids, grandkids and cute puppy dogs make me smile.  And, I love seeing the photos that my good friends post of gorgeous sunsets on the water and beautiful flowers.  It can be a daily outpouring of love, laughter and encouragement.  It can also be a real downer with negativity!

2017-05-27 20.59.58

As a card maker, you have the ability to send sunshine through the mail.  Social media only provides the sunshine for a split second.  But, a card sends a powerful and lasting message that you really and truly care!  On a particularly bad day, an unexpected card in the mail can be a ray of sunshine!  On a good day, it is icing on the cake!  Finding a card unexpectedly in the mail box will make me do a happy dance!

Here are some cards that I received in the mail from some very talented Stampin’ Up! demonstrators — from left to right: Jacki Lawrence from Illinois, Toni Campana from North Carolina, and Narelle Fasulo from Australia.  Yes, that’s right — Australia.  These random act of kindness cards were sent by talented crafters in the Stampin’ Up! family and these are treasured gifts from ladies who know the joy of making and sending cards and who thought of me!

2017-05-27 20.59.58

So here is my challenge to you — MAKE a card and SEND a card, TODAY!  It will certainly put a smile on your face imaging the recipient doing a happy dance at the mailbox!

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs and inspiration wishes!



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