Happy Valentines & Joy of Card Making

hey love - ape sample inky angels

Happy Valentines Day, My Dear Friends! 

I know that you know and appreciate the true joy of card making. It is the simple act of thinking of others.  It is a powerful token of affection that instantly provides a gift of wonder, warmth and joy.  And, it is appropriate for every occasion.

daily card - lisa.jpg

In this digital age, receiving a homemade card in the mail is sure to bring someone a smile, melt someone’s heart and have someone doing a happy dance at the mailbox!  A homemade card is more meaningful and personal than an email or text message.  While it may be just as attractive as a store bought card, it means a lot more because someone took the time to make it by hand, took the time to write a personal note, and took the time to put it in the mail.  Someone did all of those things just because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or thanking you for just being you.

bloom by bloom inky angels sample

Handmade cards are often displayed on fireplace mantels and bookcases with other collectibles.  People tend to keep handmade cards because it is a heartfelt gift, a masterpiece of art and affection.  Handmade cards are more meaningful than any present you can buy.

Forever Lovely sample

There are many benefits of handmade cards.  You are making someone happy, which makes you happy.  It is fun.  It is creative.  It brings the joy of anticipation of the recipient’s reaction.  The bottom line is handmade cards bring a lot of joy to you and the lucky recipient!

What could be better?  

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs AND Valentine kisses!


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