Storage by Stampin’ Up!

storage by stampin up

Your space. Your way.  That’s the tagline for the new storage system by Stampin’ Up!

There are many organization options on the market, but these are customized for our new ink pads!  And whether you own 5 ink pads or the whole collection of exclusive Stampin’ Up colors, you can customize the cubes to fit your workspace!  Yes, this new sleek, space-saving, modular storage system is completely customizable to meet your needs, to organize your craft room and to make your creative time more enjoyable because everything is organized and within reach!

While we anticipated crafters would go crazy over this fabulous system, the debut orders surpassed our forecasts and quickly sold out.  These amazing storage solutions are back in stock and available to help you revamp your craft space.

storage by stampin up with clock

Here’s the answers all your questions about these units!

Will old-design Stampin’ Pads fit in the Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays?

The Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays are perfect for storing our new-design flat Stampin’ Pads only. I recommend using the Open Storage Cube to store the older style inkpads and our specialty pads like Memento, Stazon and Spectra inkpads and the new cleaning pad.

How high can I stack storage trays?

At the Home Office, they stacked 50 storage trays without any issues, BUT it is not recommended. While our Storage by Stampin’ Up! products are sturdy, the higher you stack them, the less stable they will become. Use your discretion when stacking.

Can I mount my Storage by Stampin’ Up! products on the wall?

Our modular storage products are designed to sit on a table (or similar flat surface). Drilling holes in them is not recommended. If you want them on a wall, consider a flush-mount box shelf that they can sit upon, and make sure it is tightly anchored to the wall.

How should I use the Open Storage Cube?

The Open Storage Cube can be used to hold any miscellaneous items like ribbon, embellishments, and your old-style inkpads. Three of the half-size wood-mount empty stamp cases fit in one Open Cube and can divide it conveniently, too.  Tip:  insert a piece of Styrofoam packaging to create a stopper to keep your ribbons from rolling out!

Can I mix and match Storage by Stampin’ Up! products?

Yes! Our Storage by Stampin’ Up! products are modular and designed with customization in mind. Whether your space is long and low or tall and skinny, the cubes will configure to fit your space.

Do I need a Storage Lid for each 5-tray stack?

No. The Storage Lid covers the top of Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays, Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays, and Open Storage Cubes, so you need only one per storage “tower.”

Are Storage by Stampin’ Up! products freestanding or stacked?

Both. We designed it to be freestanding and stackable, so you can customize your crafting space to work best for your personalized creative needs. Each “tower” will be a separate unit that you can cap with a topper and add the silicone feet to the bottom, once you have decided exactly how you want to arrange your space.

Will there be expansions to the Storage by Stampin’ Up! product line in the future?

Like all of our product offerings, we hope Storage by Stampin’ Up! will be successful and expand, but there is no news to share at this point.

How many Stampin’ Ink Refills can I store in the Storage Topper?

You can store up to 20 Stampin’ Ink Refills (or other small items like embossing powders, sponges, adhesives or embellishments) in the Storage Topper. I keep all my adhesives in two toppers.

Are inkpads difficult to remove from Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays?

No. When you insert an inkpad into a storage tray, a small portion of the inkpad will stick out for easy access. Same for the markers—there is plenty of space to grip them to pull out.  In fact, you can store two Stampin’ Write markers next to your inkpads.

Can I buy single Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays and/or Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays?

No. Each package contains a set of five white plastic trays (space for a total of 25 Blends).  This modular system provides room to grow and change as your needs change!

What material do you use to make Storage by Stampin’ Up! products?

Our modular storage products are made with a versatile white, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, which is a lightweight and durable material. It is wipeable if it needs cleaning or dusting, too.

How do the silicone feet work?

To protect your surface and prevent slipping, we have included peel-and-stick silicone feet with the cubes. Save any extras after you have your set up in place, in case you decide to rearrange or add more modules later.  Also, the feet come in two different heights.  When you apply the feet, the thicker ones go toward the front of the unit, over the circles with the plus marks.

Storage Pieces now available:

The module configuration I want is a lot of money. What can I do?

Recommend signing up as a demonstrator.  You can order storage cubes in your $99 Starter Kit (unlike most direct sales companies, you choose the ENTIRE contents of your kit!).  And, everything your order after that, you will receive a 20% discount.  You can drop at any time and you never have to host parties or hold classes – unless you want to!  Sign up for the Crafting Hugs team and start getting your demonstrator discount immediately!


  • Each unit of Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays holds FIVE (new style) Classic Ink Pads and Stampin’ Write Markers. The old style ink pads and specialty pads fit in the Open Storage Cubes.
  • Each unit of the Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays holds THIRTY Stampin’ Blends Markers.
  • All units are open on top so you can choose which kind of topper you want for them.
  • Units fit together and stack. They do not snap together, thus avoiding the problem of plastic pieces snapping off.
  • Use the foam packaging from shipment as a stopper to keep rolls of ribbon from falling out of the Open Storage Cube.
  • These are packed very well, be careful not to throw away the little package of silicon feet!

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs and inspiration wishes for storage solutions!






Organize Your Paper, Use Your Scraps!

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As card makers and paper crafters, we love to purchase pretty paper.  And when we actually chop those pretty papers, scraps happen!  In order to diminish the stress that can come from card making and paper crafting, we need to have a paper organization system to store our papers and to take advantage of those scraps!  

paper organization - ziplocks job ticket folder and label maker

Over the last twenty years of stamping, scrapbooking and paper crafting, I have tried various methods for organizing paper and scraps.  Because I invest in quality paper to obtain the best paper crafting results, I like to use those scraps!  I want to get the best value from my purchases.  I do not like to feel guilty or to be wasteful.  And, I really, really do not want to deal with chaos or clutter in my crafting space!

Interestingly, once I learned how best to store my cardstock, designer paper and scraps, I became more resourceful.  Instead of feeling guilty, I accepted the left-over bits and pieces as part of the creative process.  And by storing whole sheets and scraps TOGETHER, I regularly use my scraps first!

No matter how many sheets of paper or scraps that you hope to use one day, you will be happier in your crafty place with a paper organization system.  After all, paper hoarding is an occupational hazard that every paper crafter must face. 

paper organization - job ticket pockets

If you would like a better paper organization system and to regularly use your scraps, follow these simple steps for a solution: 

Step 1: Purchase a label maker, Job Ticket Holders for storing 8.5”x11” cardstock and large Ziploc bags for storing 12”x12” paper.  Label and sort each holder and Ziploc bag.  Some people sort their cardstock alphabetically (ABC), by color family (Regals, Brights, Neutrals, Subltes) or in rainbow order (ROY G. BIV).  Do what works for you

Step 2: Sort your paper deciding what to keep and what to toss (or donate/recycle).  Recommend applying this rule of thumb – toss pieces smaller than the size of a 3”x3” post-it note, and toss (or donate/recycle) anything bent, discontinued or ugly.  Trim “used” pieces to useable sizes (those extraneous pieces get caught and mess up other pieces that you’re trying to save).  With this system, you see how many scraps you want to keep or to use up really fast!  

Step 3:  Store whole sheets and scraps together in labeled job ticket holder or labeled Ziploc bag.  I love coordinating products, so I made the decision a long time ago, you use exclusively use Stampin’ Up cardstock and designer series papers.  So while I could store all my red cardstock together, my preference is store each color separately!  Now when I want Cherry Cobbler, I simply pull that paper holder from my shelf.

Step 4: Decide how best to store those Job Ticket Holders or Ziploc bags.  Consider various storage container options from your favorite big box store:  baskets, crates, totes and shelving/cubbie systems.  Consider what works for your crafting need, your crafting space, and what complements the room decor.  Consider options that will support growth and that are easily expandable.  You know that you will purchase more paper, so plan for it.  LOL!

paper organization - IKEA Kallax shelf

Multi-Color Paper Scraps

Typically, I purchase coordinating paper packs from my Stampin’ Up cardstock.  Therefore, I store whole sheets and scraps of those 6”x6” paper stacks or 12”x12” paper packs in Ziploc bags.  Note: For easy reference, store the label packaging which lists the coordinating cardstock colors inside the Ziploc bag.

To order 9″x12″ Job Ticket Pockets from Office , use this link.

To order 13″x13″ Ziploc Bags (4 mil) from Clear Bags, use this link.  Note:  for durability, I recommend ordering a thicker plastic such as 4 mil so that it lasts, and the wider bag to more easily slide your cardstock or DSP in and out.  

To order 7″x7″ Ziploc Bags from Clear Bags, use this link.  Note:  this bag only comes in the 2mil thickness, but it 

paper organization - ziplocks job ticket folder and label maker

This is exactly how I store my paper and scraps.  By maintaining this paper organization system, I know that you will be able to tame the paper chaos, regularly take advantage of those scraps and recognize when you are getting low on a particular favorite color of cardstock.     

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs and inspiration wishes!


Storage by Stampin’ Up!® is Here!


Coming April 1st – NO FOOLING – Storage by Stampin’ Up!® for your Ink Pads, Refills, Stampin’ Blends, Stampin’ Write Markers, ribbon and more!  Whether you have an entire room or a small corner in your home for stamping, your creative space should be tailored to you. Our new product line, Storage by Stampin’ Up!, provides you with modular storage solutions that let you organize—and customize—your space your way

The new storage systems allow you to configure the components any way that works for your products.  And you can add pieces as your collection of inks grows.

Here’s some of the other features and benefits of the new system:

  • Keeps your products organized, tidy, visible and in easy reach at all times.
  • Stores your Stampin’ Pads, Stampin’ Write Markers, and Stampin’ Blends horizontally as recommended.
  • Designed to be functional and modular so that it can be arranged to fit any space.
  • Coordinates naturally with any decor with its white neutral color.
  • Easily assembled and disassembled for rearrangement and/or cleaning.

Check out this video — you’re going to love how simple it is to customize!

Click here to see the product details.

Click here to determine how best to configure your storage system and organize your ink pads, markers, blends and reinkers.

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs and inspiration wishes!



Reorganizing Your Craft Space

Have you been binge-watching Netflix’s show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?  People everywhere are enthusiastically talking about Marie’s “Does it spark joy?” method. 

Growing up, Mom had her own version of “does it spark joy”.  Twice a year, she gave me three large garbage bags for hand-me downs, donations and trash!  LOL!  Today, I am still a twice-a-year purge girl – yet, my craft room is a constant challenge.  There are days when every horizontal surface, including my desk chair and the floor have piles of stuff!

With the new Norfolk IKEA store opening April 22nd, now is the perfect time to evaluate your craft space and make plans to reorganize

Here are some tips for reorganizing your craft space:

Step#1:  Reorganize by categories!  Try dealing with all of your cardstock and paper at once, or try dealing with every stamp set you own at once!  It is much easier to tackle smaller tasks and it more rewarding to see progress being made.  Alternatively, you can start with your craft desk and systematically work around the room.  Start by removing everything stacked on/in/under your craft desk, piling it on the floor before you start purging and reorganizing.

Step#2:  Purging Feels Good!  Touch everything!  Assess what you need to keep, what you need to keep close by, what you need to donate, and what you need to toss.  And like Marie Kondo, ask yourself “if it sparks joy”.  This simple question gives you permission to let go!  If you have not used it in the last year or five years, chances are great that you never will.  Crafting trends change over time, and your crafting style changes with it.  It is time to give those neglected items a new purpose by selling, by donating or by making room for something else!

  • Tip: Make your purging decisions FAST and RUTHLESSLY.  Avoid over thinking it!  Find joy in the purging process:  let go of the guilt from unfinished projects, relieve the stress of clutter, and surround yourself what brings you joy!
  • Tip: Purge when no one else is home to avoid the possibility of relocating items from your craft space to another room in the house. 
  • Tip: Clean as you go.  Dust flat surfaces, wipe down walls, cabinets and drawers, and vacuum all those weird nooks and crannies to get rid of dust bunnies and bits of paper.  Having a clean craft space will make you happier!

Step#3:  Create Designated Spaces and Reorganize with A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place!  After purging, it is time to re-organize, re-evaluate your storage, and put things away “logically” where they should go.  Store your things for easy access – both to get them out to use and to put them away when you are done!  Keep frequently used items within easy reach of your work area.  Assign special areas for cardstock and designer paper, ribbon and embellishments, punches and your Big Shot Machine, etc.  Use seal-able plastic containers to keep items dust-free.  Store cardstock and paper out of direct sunlight.  And, plan for growth because it is always better to have too much storage than not enough. 

Step#4:  Label everything!  Craft boxes and plastic bins provide easy and affordable storage and organization solutions.  But, it is easy to forget what you put away in them.  It is much easier to label and read the outside of a box, then to pull down ten boxes from the top shelf in order to look inside.

  • Tip#1: Purchase a label maker from your favorite Big Box Store – that one store that you are in/out of all the time.  This will avoid special trips to an office supply store or having to place special on-line orders for the label refill cartridges.

Step#5:  Put things away every time you use your craft room!  You deserve a fun crafting experience without the guilt and the stress from chaos.  It is easier to spend last 15-minutes organizing and clearing your craft space.  It much harder to work around the clutter and to find the time to clean up after weeks of neglect.  Using designated areas and labeling will make it much easier to automatically put things away as you go!

Final thoughts:

Sometimes you need a fresh start in order to move forward.  I recently did this with my old cardstock – perfectly good stuff in hundreds of retired colors and from many different suppliers.  Donating my old cardstock (and its storage system) to my niece’s classroom made me happy, made my niece happy and gave her second graders hours and hours of joy!  Going forward, I have a new paper organization system and new color-coordinated cardstock and designer papers!

Invest in durable furniture and shelving, upgrade your lighting and personalize your craft space.  You spend a lot of time crafting, so make your craft space as beautiful as the art you create!  When you can afford to, purchase purpose-built furniture and shelving for a more functional craft space, and replace old light fixtures with new LED lights for better task lighting and color coordination.  Finally, personalize your craft space to reflect you – your favorite colors, your artwork, your collectibles, etc. – all things that inspire you and bring you joy! 

Purchase what you need, upgrade when you can and continue to refine your craft space.  Maintain a shopping list and a separate wish list in order to know what you really need and to know what you would like to have As your collection of craft supplies and tools grow, new items come on the market and your crafting style changes, remember the adage: “OUT with the old and IN with the new”.  New purchases make you happy, motivate you to reorganize and clean, and inspire you to create.  As you refine your craft space and evaluate your storage needs in order to make room for those new purchases, take the time to sort through those storage containers, purge and re-label as appropriate, and continue to surround yourself with what brings you joy!

Please let me know about your ideas for reorganizing your craft space and any purchases from the new IKEA store.

Until next time, sending you crafting hugs and inspiration wishes!